„Fachbereich AKTUELL“ of the FB HM in English

Complete overview of all published English versions of "Fachbereich AKTUELL" (formerly “information sheets”) of the expert committee woodworking and metalworking (FBHM). All publications are translations of the present German versions.

10808/2020Multirip Saws - Information for purchase, retrofitting and safe operation (Link: DGUV)A
10210/2018Safety and Security in Networked Production (Link: DGUV)A
08612/2018Hydraulic test benches (Link: DGUV)A
08207/2016Filtration of hydraulic fluids in hydraulic control systems (PDF)A
08008/2017Collaborative robot systems - Design of systems with the „Power and Force Limiting" function (PDF)A
06812/2018Tools / Moduls and Dies - Outside the scope of the EC-Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (Link: DGUV)A
06004/2013Protection systems on machine tools - Against flame ejection when using flammable metal working fluids (PDF)A
05810/2019Reduced speed - for fluid power control systems (Link: DGUV)A
05010/2018Fluid power elements - Hydraulic and pneumatic motors and cylinders (Link: DGUV)A
04905/2018Aspiration hazard caused by metalworking fluid (MWF)? Provisions by the CLP Regulation (GHS) (PDF)A
04306/2020Fire on machine tools - What has to be considered? (Link: DGUV)A
04102/2009Exposure to ozone during welding and allied processes (PDF)A
04001/2018Protective vision panels - at metalworking machine tools (PDF)A
03611/2008Chromium(VI) compounds or nickel oxides in welding and ... (PDF)A
03312/2017Folding machines and long folding machines: Protective measures (PDF)A
03211/2013Machine Tool Fire and Explosion - Prevention and Protection (PDF)A
03002/2014Boric acid- / Boric MWF - Chemicals legislation, risk assessment, protective measures (PDF)A
02907/2015Formaldehyde and -donors - Risk assessment for users of cooling lubricants (PDF)A
02509/2017Hydraulic threaded Connections (PDF)A
01608/2019Trial operation of machines and assemblies of machinery (Link: DGUV)A
01502/2019 Testing and replacement of hydraulic hose assemblies (Link: DGUV)A
00607/2005Low-emitting metal-working with minimum quantity lubrication (PDF)A
00509/2012Gravity-loaded axes (Vertical axes) (PDF)A
00108/2013Aims of the DGUV-Information
Published by the Expert Committee Woodworking and Metalworking (PDF)