DGUV information sheets

08610/2017Hydraulic test benches
08207/2016Filtration of hydraulic fluids in hydraulic control systems (PDF)
08008/2017Collaborative robot systems - Design of systems with the „Power and Force Limiting" function (PDF)
06802/2014Tools / Moduls and Dies - Outside the scope of the EC-Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (PDF)
06004/2013Protection systems on machine tools - Against flame ejection when using flammable metal working fluids (PDF)
05807/2015Reduced speed - for fluid power control systems (PDF)
05003/2015Fluid power elements - Hydraulic and pneumatic motors and cylinders (PDF)
04907/2010Aspiration hazard caused by MWF? - Modifications resulting from the CLP Regulation (GHS)
04304/2013Fire on machine tools  -What has to be considered? (PDF)
04102/2009Exposure to ozone during welding and allied processes (PDF)
04003/2012Protective vision panels - at metalworking machine tools (PDF)
03611/2008Chromium(VI) compounds or nickel oxides in welding and ... (PDF)
03211/2013Machine Tool Fire and Explosion - Prevention and Protection (PDF)
03002/2014Boric acid- / Boric MWF - Chemicals legislation, risk assessment, protective measures (PDF)
02907/2015Formaldehyde and -donors - Risk assessment for users of cooling lubricants (PDF)
02511/2008Danger of confusion metric - inched hydraulic threaded joints (PDF)
01510/2006 Testing and replacement of hydraulic hose assemblies (PDF)
00607/2005Low-emitting metal-working with minimum quantity lubrication (PDF)
00509/2012Gravity-loaded axes (Vertical axes) (PDF)
00108/2013Aims of the DGUV-Information
Published by the Expert Committee Woodworking and Metalworking (PDF)